Story 1

All my life I was told there was no such thing as a free meal, but today Japan proved it wrong. Don’t really know why people are so kind over here, it’s just mind blowing.

We were hitchhiking to get from Kaonji (a small town in the south of Japan) to a sight, that for what we knew, was a 20min-30min car drive. We hitchhiked for about 5min till a guy, that was going in the opossite direction, turned around and asked us where we were headed. As we told him we wanted to go see the dam, he went to his house, swaped his truk for a car, so we could fit comfortably, and drove us all the way and back. Then he took us for coffee, he then invited us the sweetest strawberries I have ever tried, which were from hes own crop, and took us for some beers. After the beers he told us to meet at his house at 20:00 for dinner. We went to his house at night and he took us out for a wonderfull Japanese dinner. Amazing how different people can be on the other side of the world.

Story 2

We walked in to a coffee shop in a small town in Japan and when asked what was fun to do around the girl that worked at the place told us about this incredible hot springs close by. After a few more words the lady told us she went there all the time, she even showed us her member card with at least 14 entries in the last month. Me and Tom agreed in the spot it was a must go. During the evening we hitchhiked our way there and ended up at what seemed to be some high class hotsprings, you had to take off your shoes to go in and put them in a lilttle private locker, thats fancy right? Everything was cool till in the lockers we noticed everyone was going out to the hot springs naked hahaha. What we thought were hot spring was one of this really common SPA places you find all over Japan. After some laughing we realized we had to to what we had to do. We striped naked and enoyed the ride, nothing better than a hot sauna, followed by a cold shower and relaxing at the jacuzzi surrounded by Japanese dicks.

Story 3

We were standing in the middle of a high transit row in Takamatsu, Japan, trying to catch a ride to a city that was at least 300km away. We had made a cool looking sign in which we had written our destination and were eagerly waving our thumbs and putting on our best smile to so someone would hopefully take us. It wasn’t late till we realized our goal was unreachable, but we kept on trying. After 30min or so a girl aproached us on her bike, she looked concerned and was waving a colorful flyer. We said no thanks, and continued doing our thing. She again waved the flyer and we gave it a look, it was the bus terminal time table. She looked at us, pointed at our sign and then at the flyer…we asked her what was the price for the bus to Osaka and she pulled out a notedpad, it wasn’t till then that we noticed she was deaf and mute. We chatted a bit and decided to go to the bus terminal and try our luck. What a cool girl.

Story 4

We were trying to find a cheap place to eat in Kyoto, it was ou first day here so we didn’t know much about what was around. We asked a lady walking down the street and she told us she would take us somewhere we could eat for less than 500 yen. After a 5 min walk we entered Kyoto University and she took us to the food court, it was paradise!! Every thing was 400 yen or less, plates were huge and food was delicious.

Story 5

Met two really nice girls while CS in Kyoto, Japan. We went out for lunch and the explored the temples, even got lost trecking at the fashima temple, life was smiling at me. After a long day of sight seeing we went back home. When we got there  I made my bag and got ready to leave to Tokio, it was time to move on. I said bye to my new two friends and went to the bus stop with Igor, coolest guy ever and my CS host for the last three nights. I got to the bus station at 23:20, I looked at the buses time schedule and realized I was fucked, the last bus had passed 9 min ago. Looked at Igor, looking for a solution, and with out me askimg he said “there is one option, today morning I walked all the way there and it took me an hour and a half, if you run you’ll probably make it before 00:40”. I thought for a moment about missing the bus but that wasn’t and option,had to fight till the end. I told him I would make it some how and if something went wrong I’ll show up back at his place. We said goodbye and I started my mission, I had 70 min to make it to Kyoto statiom. At first I tried to hitchhike but no one would take me, so I decided to walk fast. I put on my headphone, played some loud spanish music and started walking, after a while I also started singing. Blood was pumping in to my tired legs and I got pumped, I knew I was gonna make it. After 40 min walking I checked my bus ticket and I noticed I was more time constraint, the bus was at 00:30 and in the time left I also had to figure out where the bus stop was located in the statiom. I decided to run, I made it to the station at 00:20 and started asking around where was the my bus station, no one knew, some of them even gave me bad directions. I pulled out my tablet and looked up the adress and showed it to a guy that worked at the station, he pointed me in the direction of the bus stop. I run and the stairs,  run across the hallway, and finally as I run down the stairs I saw my bus, run some more and made it at 00:28 safe, sound, swety and with 2 min to go.

Story 6

Thank God this is Japan.
Today when I got to the hostel some guys were a bit moody, talking loud, something had deffenetly gone wrong. I asked what had happened and they replied that someone had stolen a guys backpack and all he had left behind was his passport. It was obvious the thief had been a backpacker, cuz he left the passport behind and cuz this is Japan and no one stills. After checking in at the hostel I walked to the train station and departed towards Shibuya, the shopping district where the famous Tokyo crossing is located. I got there and took some pictures from the subway building, then took off my hoodie(it was getting hot), went down the stairs and crossed the crossing. After that I went to starbucks and like 20min after leaving the train station, I went for my camera to take a picture, and it wasn’t there. Shiit!! I tried to remeber where I could’ve left it and I recalled when I took my hoodie off. Run back to the train station, hoping Japanese were as nice as I knew they were. For my relief and proving again that Japan has a wonderful culture,  I found it waiting for me in the same spot I had left it, right next to the window. God bless Japanese culture!

Story 7

Today I woke up late, finally I got to sleep in a “bed”. It was more as a tomb in a morgue, but you wouldn’t get any light while sleeping, which was great. After I woke up I went for some fast Japanese food and after headed in to town to do some sightseeing. Got of the subway at Tokyo station and followed the sign that pointed towards the Imperial palace. After walking a bit I heard some loud music at the distance, it sounded like rock and as any curious subject, I wanted to know what was going on. On my way there I met a noreway girl and we both were intriged about the music. When we got to the place we could tell it was a concert, anyways we asked if we could go in and they told us the ticket was 82 dolars, clearly an amount we weren’t gonna pay. We had no intentions of giving up so fast so we walked around the area looking for any free view spots, and noticed there was almost no security. Tacking advantage of the Japanese culture we quickly jumped the fence and got free Japanese concert

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  1. You really know how to travel a country too !
    It was great to meet you, it is the first time I read your blog, omedetoo gozaimaisu (congrats)
    Please keep going to enjoy the marvels of life as you do now
    A bientôt 🙂

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