Bangkok (Low season)


Getting from the airport to khosan road: get the free shuttle from the airport to the bus terminal, tits catch bus 555(33B) and then bus 171(20B) at the next bus stop. I’ll take in total aeound 1.5 hours.

Shows: 300 bh ping pong show, 1000 bh ticket to Moi Thai fight (you can get them for free in certain days)
Night: 100 bh fee entrance to The Club, once you paid yo cam go in and out. 50 bh for laughing gas
Eat: 50 bh pad thai, chicken + egg, 30 bh fruit shake
Sleep: 300-500 bh for a double room
Transport: 400 bh bus to chang mai, 100 bh bus to the airport from Khosan Road

What to do
During the day explore the city, you’ll find temples at walking distance from Khosan road and shopping centers a bus or boat away. At night party at Khosan road and go watch one of the many shows this energetic crazy city has to offer.

Chang mai (Low season)


Sleep: 200 bh for a double room
Eat: 50-70 bh for local food
Rent: 99 bh bike for 24hrs, 50 bh bicycle for 24hrs
Entrance fees: 20-30 bh entrance to temples
Transport: 140 bh mini van to Pai, 78 bh local bus to Pai

What to do
Rent a motorbike and explore! I recommend to go check out Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, on the way there you can stop at waterfalls, nice view points, and this really cool temple that no one knows about. To find it look for a white budha on your way up, it will be on your left, and then drive down the road on its left.

Party at night at the rooftop bar, which has a cool wall decoration and nice vibe. The walls are all painted with colors that light up under white light, so at night it looks really awesome. After you are done with the rooftop bar head to Zoe for some late night dancing.

Where to go next
Pai: My recomendation is go to Aya station, rent motorbikes, and head by your own to Pai. If you do it with them they’ll provide luggage shipping to Pai for free, there and back.

Pai (Low season)


Sleep: 200 bh for a double room/ 80 bh for a dorm
Eat: 50-70 bh for local food, 20 bh fruit shake.
Bike: 99 bh bike for 24hrs
Tours: 800 bh elephant riding for one hour, good for two (400 bh each)
Trasnport: 150 bh mini van to chang mai

What to do
My recomedation is to rent a motorbike and go to the waterfalls: there’s three main ones, the one you can slide down, the one with the cliffs and the one with cool rock formations. After that, check out the white budha at the top of the hill, which might not be white anymore hahaha, and then go watch the sunset at the canyon. Some other cool places are the caves and hot springs.

For night time check which is the main event and just follow the mass to what ever pub they go next.

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  1. Amazing stories mate!! I am pretty sure that few people can manage to spend less money than you on their trips and experience so many adventures.

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