Thailand (Stories)

Story 2 – Street Moi Thai

Wow!! Last night I met a guy at the moi thai fights and today morning I was walking trough the street and I saw him. I said hi and as I looked at him I noticed he had a black eye…asked him what had happened and he told me he and his friend got bitten up by some thai guys, then the police took them and they had to pay 700 dolars to get out, after that he didn’t have his bag or anything, he lost it while fighting, so he took a tuc tuc to get out of where he was and they stole his phone. As he didn’t have a place to sleep he went to a room with a lady boy, because she/he offered him a place to stay, while he slept the rest of his money got stolen. After listening to his horror story offered him wifi and food, hope he is ok now.

Story 3 – A day in Bangkok

Woke up in the morning feeling like…naaa…just woke up and decided that it was going to be an active day, go explore and see the crazy thing you got to see in Bangkok.
First stop, cheap shoping. To get there we took the local boat, which consists of a wooden exterior with an airplane turbine that flies over the river, when the bridges are too low it just puts reverse and makes the front go down and then accelerates and makes the tail go down, crazy shit! We got off the boat at the city center and went to many small markets searching for t-shirts, hats, etc. Tom found some clothe he liked, we bargain for it and we got everything for less than 7 bucks. When we where done shopping we headed back to Khosan Road, the main crazy touristy street in Bangkok. On our way there we entered one of the many temples you can find. As maybe most of them, it was stunningly beautiful, and the sun came out just in time to make the gold colors pop up. After going around the temple we headed to our hostel and got ready to go watch some Moi Thai, if you are in Thailand you got to watch some Moi Thai. We got a tuc tuc, this small no window no doors sort of taxi, and went to the stadium. We tried to bargain our way in but it was impossible, so we paid the 33 dolars they asked for. The fights were awesome, fists, elbows, knees, kicks, punches and the best of all knock outs! When we were done with the Moi Thai it was time to go watch the famous ping pong show, and the best of all is that this we could bargain. We got the price down from 600 to 300, which was great but is not even half as incredible as the show we were about to see.

We got on the cab, went to the ping pong show, got off the cab, paid our arranged entrance and we were in. We found some sits next to the stage and sat trying to figure out what was about to happen, which was pretty much the following:
(Poker face: all the girls had the most unexpressive face you can imagine)
Act 1: Whisles + poker face + vagina = loud whisle
Act 2: Darts+balloon in my hand + poker face + vagina = balloon poped by a darts thrown with the vagina.
Act 3: Cake with 16 light candles + poker face + vagina = 16 candles blown off.
Act 4: Poker face + vagina = many meters of colored tela come out of the vagina.
Act 5: Crystal cocacola bottle filled with water + poker face + vagina = vagina drinks all the water and then poors cocacola back in to the bottle.
Act 6: Bananas + poker face + vagina = banana goes in to the vagina and then is shot out loke a projectile.
Act 7: Bowl of ping pong balls + poker face + vagina =Balls shot from vagina landing in the bouncing back in to the bowl.
Act 8: The most disturbing girl on girl action I’ve ever seen.
Final act: Pen + blank paper + poker face + vagina = Welcome to Bangkok and a happy face.

After the ping pong show we headed to Khosan Road, which at the time we got there was busting music and full of people dancing on the street. After some parting we called it a day.

Story 4 – Streets of Bangkok

Bangkok was a blast of energy, craziness and weird things. After 4 days it was time to move. Booked a night bus to Chang Mai for 400 Baht, and explored a bit more of the city before leaving.
After a 10 min walk out of the main road we ended up at the middle of the celebration of the 64th aniversary of the king. Everyone was dressed in yellow, they were giving away bananas, water, juz, everyone was sharing and happy. A monk told us that many people walked from far away just to be here and celebrate their king, who at the moment was pretty much dead in the hospital, as he had been for the last couple years, and was why the country was inmersed in constant political riots from people wanting to take power.
After been facinated by the peoples energy I headed back home to get ready for my bus that departed at 18:00. On our way there we saw a dead naked guy on the street and a bit further up some people gathered in an alley. Curious we checked up what was going on and we spoted this massive, 3m long 20cm wide massive, yellow snake. We aproached it with caution and after seeing how one of the locals handled it, lifting it up as nothing and moving it back to the middle of the street, I decided to grabbe it. One hand free, the other with my gopro recording every move. I got close to it and touched it first, inmediately I felt the life in this creature, felt the waves in its body while it moved forward, and admired its tranquility when being touched. After touching it I tried to lift it, god it was heavy. Noticing my fail atempt the local grabbed it and placed it on my shoulders. At that moment adrenalin was going through my veins and joy through my heart. Best part of it all, didn’t pay a dime.

Story 5 – Going to Chang Mai

Maid my way to Chang Mai, the main cultural city in the north of Thailand. The bus ride was quite crazy, a lady picked me up on foot from my hostel and then she made me follow her all around the other hostels while we picked up more and more tourists, after that we had to wait like 20 min at the boat crossing while she went to get more people, then we crossed to the other side and had to wait other 20 min for the bus to come. After that, everything went pretty smooth, took a pill to sleep because I had a smelly girl sitting next to me and woke up at 6am at “Chang mai”. Got off the bus, still under the efect of the pills, not knowing what was going on, till I realized they had droped us off 10 Km out of town, welcome to Chang Mai! Hahaha Taking advantage of the situation, there were small trucks offering transport to the city for 2 dollars. Not willing to give in, stayed at the service station till the sun came out and tried to hitchhike my way in to town, which was impossible, and ended up paying a bit less than 2 dollars to get in to town, so I still sort of won.

Story 6 – The smiling Budha

A friend of mine had uploaded this picture of a baby smiling budha she had taken at Chang Mai a couple days back. After seeing the picture I needed to find that small guy and picture him myself. As soon as I got to Chang Mai I started asking people where I could find this little budha, but no one knew where it was, so I texted my friend and asked her where to find it. She told me the guy was hiding in this temple no one knew about, which was on the way to the gold temple. After she explained to me how to get there I got on my bike I raced towards my gole.
On my way to the temple I went to some waterfalls and met two guys, one italian, one english, who joined my conquest. After riding uphill for a while we spoted the first DERROTERO, a white budha under contruction on the left side of the road, and went down the left path and got to this desserted temple, no tourist, no locals, no one. Once there, I started looking for my small friend, and I could only find small replicas of him, at one point I even wondered if I was at the right place or not, till I found him. Just 40cm tall, hiding between some other relics and with the biggest smile you can imagine. He made my day!

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