I did the whole of Vietnam by motorbike, it was a totally differemt way of travelling, absolute freedom and just an overall enriching experience. I did the trip with two other riders, met them on the way and travelled the country together. If you are thinking about doing what I did I encorauge you to not think about it anymore and just do it. Met many people who did it on their own and others that did it in a group, they all loved it. You can buy a bike, for cheap, either in Hanoi or Ho Chi Min. I bought mine in Hanoi and sold it after in Ho Chi Min and made a decent profit, so I recommend doing it from north to south. Never planned much and everything work out great.


Motorbike Info
Price: Bought it from a backpacker for 165USD in Hanoi and sold it for 260USD to another one in Ho Chi Min.
Maintain: Change oil every 500 Km, 70-100 Dong. Oil the chain every 200km.
Fixing: The bike will break down, is not and if is just a when. Fixing it is quite cheap and you can find a mechanic everywhere. They are called Hon Da.

Hanoi – Halong Bay


Link to photo sphere of the bungolow place:

When booking the tour to Halong Bay just go to the cheapest one. I made the mistake of trusting a more expensive company and they just put as all in the same tour, so there was people paying 85 USD and other paying even 100+ USD for the tour. The only important thing is to be sure you’ll be staying at the bungalows and not the hotel on your second night, if you do 3 days 2 nights. Don’t recommend doing less than that.

Sleep: 100.000 Dg for a dorm at the street where hanoi backpackers one is.
Eat: 30.000 – 40.000 Dg for local food.
Buy: You can buy an honda win for about 150-200 USD.

What to do
During the day visit the many museums the city has to offer, I in particular didn’t go to that many but really enjoyed the war musuem. For moving around the city I recommend renting a bicycle and getting ready for an adventure, traffic is crazy!
During the night join the pub crawl from Hanoi Backpackers, the event is free and every night it starts around 21:00 at the old Hanoi Backpackers.



We were there during the off season
Sleep: 10-12 USD for a private triple room.
Eat: 30-40 Dong for local food, pho or fried rice or noodles.

What to do
Go to one of the local girls, they are dressed up and is quite easy to spot them, they’ll probably spot you before you them, and ask them to take you village trekking. The other option is renting a motorbike, or going on your own, to explore the surroundings, is amazing.

Hoi An

Sleep: 6 dolars for a dorm right next to the beach, fucking awesome. The place was called Under the Coconut Tree.
Eat: You can get free breakfast if you manage to go in to sunflower hostel during breakfast hours, if you do you are in for a treat. Local food is around 20-40 Dong.

What to do
During the day go chill at the beach, the one where the hostel is empty, so you’ll have it all to yourself and a couple people. During the night go skinidipping and check for plankton. If you are not in to that last one go in to town and get shit faced at why not bar, all you can drink for 100 dong!



Go to the bakery, just ask for the bakery and you’ll find it. Dalat milk is awesome and the banana cake is orgasmic. Everything is sooo cheap.

Sleep: 4USD for a dorm at Smile Hostel, amazing staff and includes breakfast and free all day Dalat coffee.
Eat: 30-40 Dong for local food.
Canyoning: 25USD with easy riders, book it at smile hostel, great experience!

What to do
No matter how cold it is go do the canyoning, is worth it. After you are done with the canyoning go hit the Bakery, is just great!

Ho Chi Min

Sleep: 6USD for a dorm at Eco Backpackers, nice staff and great facilities, it even has an elevator.
Eat: 20-40 dong for local food.
Draft beer: 8 dong for a pint.

What to do
Go check the war museum, your vision of Vietnam and maybe humans will change. At night hit the main street and party at the hairy dog, lush or wherever you end up at.

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