Magic word
Hello: Labas; Thanks: Achu

Average Spending
10 USD a day (not including accommodation)



Sleep: 7 eur a night for a dorm bed at a Hostel. Did couch surfing myself, people were awesome!
Eat: Food at the supermarket is cheap, you can eat for 4 eur a day.
Transport: There’s no need to use public transport, the city is quite small, so you can move around by foot.

What to do
Recommend taking one of the free walking tours around the city, I took the yellow suitcase one which was kind of alternative. They took us to the artistic district and another fun spots, always telling interesting stories and keeping the tour as interactive as posible.
During the night go check some of the bars, as it’s a student town there’s usually something going on at night, check the tourist office to know if theres any big city events.

Trakai (Day tour from Vilnius)


Trakai is this cool place 30km from Vilnius in which you’ll find beautiful lakes, a cozy lil town, chill cafes and an incredible castle from the 14th century. The bus there costs 6PLN one way and the entrance to the castle is 16 for adults and 8 for students. Totally recommend paying the entrance and checking all that the castle has to offer.
After you have explored the castle go walk around the lake, go up the small hills, chill a bit and they go drink a coffe or a hot cocoa at Mojo Cafe, the croissant was delicious!

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