Magic Words: Hello: Sveiki, Thanks: Paldies.
Average Spending: 10 eur a day (not including accommodation)




Sleep: 15 eur a night for a dorm at a hostel, I couch surfed.
Eat: Supermarket is not incredibly cheap, you can eat with 5 eur a day.
Transport: You can get in the tram and busses without paying, they rarely check tickets. Tickets are 0,6 eur if you buy them before getting on the bus and 1,2 eur if you buy them on the bus.

What to do
I strongly recommend taking one of the free walking tours to get to know the city and a bit of the history.
The city is amazing, an incredible mix of old architectures all agglomerated in the small city center. The city has a big young crowd so theres usually good parties, check on the internet to find whats going on each night. Coyote I know has a good party scene. At the time of this post it was full of hipsters, don’t know what you’ll find now.

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