Magic Words
Hello = Shalom; Thanks = Toda Raba

You can drink from the tap.

Average Spending
200 shekels a day for 2.

Tel Aviv


Sleep: A dorm in hostel goes for 75-80 Shekles, I did couch surfing which was great.
Eat: Falafel on the street is 14-16 Shekles, humus around 25 Shekles. Buying food at the super!arket is pricy, the best option is to buy food at the market if you want to cook.
Transport: Bus to central station 6,5 Shekles, central station to Jerusalem 18-24 Shekles.
Renting: The city has a really good public bicycle system, renting a bike for the day is 17 Shekles and as long as you don’t take more than 30min between stations you dont have to pay extra.
Party: Pubs to have an entrance charge, they are good fun.

What to do
Well Tel Aviv is known for its beach so of course you should just go there and chill, during the no-work days it’s packed and during the week it’s empty. I recommend just relaxing and observing others, there’s a lot going on. The city in it’s self is beautiful as well, I recommend exploring it on one of the publoc bicycles, renting for 24hrs is just 17 Sheckles and you can even go out parting with it. Finally, when the sun goes down, go explore again, lots of people on the street, the city is full of life day and night.


Sleep: Dorm bed at a hostel 70-90 Shekels, we did couch surfing and was great.
Eat: Falalef for 15 shekels on the street or buy pita and humus at the supermarket and you got two meals for 20 shekels.
Transport: The only public transport which is possible to black ride is the tram, each time you see a ticket officer get off and thwn hop on the next one. The ticket is 7 shekels.

What to do
Recommend taking the new sanderman’s free walking tour to start exploring the old city, check their webpage to know the times. The city in itself is really cool, wander around and observe.

Dead sea


Sleep: Free if you camp at the En Gedi beach, they got showers and drinkable water too.
Eat: Bring your own food with you, otherwise is quite expensive.
Transport: I found it possible to hitchhike from Jerusalem to En gedi, but it wasn’t fast. The bus is 40 shekels.

What to do
Relax and float in the dead sea, also you can go get some mud from the shore and give yourself a mud bath. Some beaches have hot springs close by, so thats another thing you can enjoy. If you spend the night look at the stars and wake up early to see the sun rise, its beautiful!



Masada is possible to do it while at the dead sea or just during the day and then continue travelling north or south. When I did it I paid around 30 shekels but I think if you walk all the way up you can go without a ticket. Worst case you get one when you are up there.

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