Magic Word
Hello=Namaste, Thanks=Dhanyabad(Dalnebat)

Average Spending
2000 nrp for two (20USD)

For those sicking adrenalin, and with a decent budget, I recommend doing the last resort bungee jump. Its a 160m drop which gives you at least 3 seconds of free fall. Its the 9h highest bungee jump in the world!




Kathmandu is a crazy city, in it you’ll beable to find everything you need and most of it for a cheap price. At times you’ll love it and during others you will hate it or be tired of it never stoping rhythm.

Sleep: Accomodation goes between 200-400nrp for a dorm and 500-1000 nrp for a double room.
Eat: Dhal Bat is 100 nrp and you can find chowemin for as low as 50 nrp. In conclusion, you can eat a good meal for less than 1 USD.
Transport: Taxi from the airport is around 200nrp per person, taxi around kathmandu is aroun 200 nrp for a ride.
Entrance fees: Go treking is around 5000 nrp in fees and temples and such charge 200-750 nrp entry fee.

What to do
Wandering around the streets is already an adventure in its self, so many thing occur at eyes sight that you’ll never get bored of walking. Added to this, theres temples all over the city. The most known places charge an entrance fee, which you can try to not pay by walking in unnoticed. This places, which are a must see, are Patan, Monkey temple and Durbar Square.
Kathmandu is one of the few places in Nepal where the city doesn’t die when the sun goes out, so if you are up to it you can go party your self off or gamble your money at the casino, which has an extraordinary 24/7 free buffet, yes free (you have to oay the entrance cover though, 1000nrp).
If you are tired of the city and want to chill for a couple days I strongly recommend heading to Dhulikel, beautiful tranquil lil town with nice lil treks.

Langtang Trek


-Take noodle packs, 1,5 per day is good!
-Take chocolate bars with you, 2 per day will make you happy
-Take extra cash just in case
-Buy shoes before arraivijg in Katmandu, they are expensive here.
-Take water purifying drops.
-Take honey qith you, 500gr are 280nrp in Katmandu and you’ll be saving at least 70 nrp per breakfast, because if you order anything and you want to put honey on it they’ll charge you.
-Take a metal cup so you can boil your own water on the stove, they charge you 50 nrp for one cup of hot water.
-Get some batons or bamboo sticks for treking, they make a big difference for your knees.

With 2000 nrp per couple a day you should be alright. To this daily average you have to add the entrance fees and bus tickets, which in total should be around 6000 nrp extra: 3000nrp for the conservation area permit, 2000 nrp for the TIMS card and 500 nrp for each way bus ticket.

For sleeping they will charge you as long as you are below the Lama Hotel area, the lower you are the cheaper it is, 200 nrp is the cheapest we found and 500 at Lama Hotel was the most expensive. Above Lama hotel rooms are usually for free and you will only will be charged for food.

Food will be your biggest cost and your most needed resource. What we did, and which helped us a lot to spend less, was take 2 small snikers and 1,5 packs of noodles for each day. That is 14 snickers and 10 noodle packs if you are treking for 7 days.
Eating schedule: We would eat breakfast (recommend tsampa or oat meal), then one snicker between breakfast and lunch, 1,5 packs of cold noodles (yes, you don’t need to mix the noodle with hot water) for lunch, then 1 snicker between lunch and finding a place for the night, then wewould share a plate of pasta between two and finally order onemeal each for dDhilkel

Dhulikhel (Personal recommendation to chill and see nepali people doing their thing)


Sleep: 700/400 nrp for a double room with/without bathroom. We stayed at snow view guest house which was really cozy. At night, the light would usually go off and you had candles to light your room.
Eat: 100 nrp for dhal bat.
Transport: Bus from Kathmandu was 55 nrp.

What to do
This small town, just two hours away from hectic Kathmandu, is the perfect fast get away. Here you’ll encounter a place with just a few tourists, even during the high season, and a very welcoming local community. During the day you can either trek to the Buddhist temple of Namobudha, which is 4hrs away from Dhulikhel and then other 3 hrs from Panauti, from where you can catch a bus back to Dhulikhel or Kathmandu. You can also go see the Golden Buddha which is half way to the Kali Temple (which has nothing to offer really) and is a good spot for pictures when the sun is coming down, otherwise the light is not good.



Sleep: 700 nrp for a double room with bathroom. We stayed at North Lakeside View guest house, real nice place with hammock and lake view, its on the right side of the road on the northside of lake side street right at the end of the pavement, when it starts to get bad.
Eat: Same same as always, if you look for a bit you’ll find food for less than 100 nrp.
Rent: A boat for the day is 700 nrp and a bike for the day, 150cc, is 700 nrp also.
Transport: Bus from Kathmandu is 400 nrp.

What to do
First of all I recommend to enjoy the lake, just chill looking at it and walk around thw shore. After you have done this you can: 1)Rent a boat and row all the way to the other side of the lake(40 min) and walk 30min up to the white peace stupa at the top of the hill, 2)Rent a motorbike and go watch the sunrise at Saragkot, if you are lucky you will be face to face with a 8000 m pick, 3)Fly like a bird over the lake and mountains, its around 60 eur for a 30min paragliding ride.

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