Chile in a Van

Chile is a long thin country, which makes it ideal to travel it in a Van. Chile is also our home country, so we knew it well and thought that I might not have much left to offer, but experiencing it in a Van was a totally different adventure, and one that we loved.

In Numbers

  • Conversion rate: €1 = CLP 770
  • Kilometers Traveled: 4000 Km
  • Avg spending per month: € 1300
  • Avg Diesel Liter Price: € 0.84
  • Avg spending per day: €44



As we were locals we kept our SIM Card. We had a WOM SIM and we charged gigas every week. We payed CLP 3.000 a week for 3Gb of data.

Grocery Shopping

You can do your shopping at small shops (Almacenes in Spanish), which are pretty much everywhere, or you can go to the big supermarkets, where you will find a bigger array of products and cheaper prices.

Big Supermarkets

  • Lider: Wallmart in Chile. Good prices and some american products that you don´t find in the other supermarkets.
  • Jumbo: Same products but a bit more expensive.
  • Santa Isabel: Cheap prices.
  • Tottus
  • Unimarc

Our top five products

Here the list of our top five products we loved to buy at the supermarket

  • Great Value Pancake Mix: Awesome pancake mix, you just need to add water and you are ready to cook them. Also, buy the pancake syrup, jummy!
    • Where to find them: Lider
  • Wazil fruits and vegetables: Fruits (Blue berries) and vegetables (White beans, black beans, red beans, corn, etc) already cooked in a convenient tetra-package. Ideal for when in a hurry or for eating in tortillas or mix in your panckakes, the blue berries of course, not the beans :).
    • Where to find them: Pretty much everywhere.
  • Soprole Protein Yogurt: Kind of greek yogurt with extra protein, ideal for a power breakfast.
    • Where to find them: At any of the big supermarkets.
  • Tortillas (Wraps): Delicius tortillas, you can find them in different sizes, we usually go for the XL ones. Ideal for making quesadillas or tacos.
    • Where to find them: Pretty much everywhere.
  • Los Tilos Queso Fresco: If you haven´t tried fresh chesse you will have to to know what it is. Our special breakfast recepy is toast bread+smashed avocado+queso fresco+olvie oil+salt. Jummy!!
    • Where to find it: Queso fresco there is many, us we prefer the one of Los Tilos, as it has less fat than other. The one of Los Tilos you will find it at the big supermarkets, and queso fresco in general at any shop.

Where to sleep

iOverlander had many places to offer pretty much everywhere. We usually stayed at wild camping sites, or free camping sites, so we didn’t pay for accommodation. We never had any trouble during the night, except strong winds in the north and some rain/snow in the south.

Getting around


We had a local SIM so we used Waze most of the time. We also had the local maps downloaded on maps me, which came in handy when we didn’t have any network.


Roads are mostly in perfect conditions, no holes, and mainly pavemented. Some times to get to some of the sleeping spots we found in iOverlander we had to go through some dirt roads, but it was never a problem for our 2WD Peugeot Boxer, La Pepa.

Where to go

There is sooo many places to go, on our case we were looking for natural spots and places to climb or surf. The spots we visited were the following:


Hip surfing beach near Santiago. Calm when not in high season. There is many places to go have some great sea food or empanadas.


Kitsurfing, windsurfing and apparently climbing spot, we didn’t get to climb, in the mid north. Amazing star gazing and night and beautiful natural surroundings. Its right next to Valle del Elqui, where there is amazing observatories, pisco distilleries and chill towns.

Punta de Choros

Small fishermen village, with amazing sea food and interesting boat tours to go spot whales and watch sea animals at isla damas. On our case we were more interested in discovering the virgin beaches near by, as we went on a boat tour at Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno, which is better know for whale watching.

Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno

Small and charming fishermen village, know for whale watching and sea animal spotting at the near by island. We payed CLP 10.000 for the boat tour.


Coastal village know for being the beggining of « La ruta del desierto » (The dessert road) and for producing top quiality Olive Oil.

Bahia Inglesa

Norther beach town, know for its crystalline water beach. We found the crystalline water beach to be quite small but the sun dunes at the beach next door, « Las Machas » , was beautiful.

Pan de Azucar

Outstanding national park with mind blowing scenary and just the most epic camping spots.Rancagua – Punta de CortesClimbing spot near rancagua. We spent the night next to a chocolate color river, accomapnied by horses, at the base of the climbing area.


The surfing capital of the world, quite the spot to test your surfing skills. Going into the water through los morros was an experience that had me shaking!

Valle de los Condores

Amazing climbing spot in the Andes. Even if you don´t climb we recommend you come visit this place.

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