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Who/What is la Rocketo Team

We are a Chilean-French couple who share a passion for traveling and exploring. We met each other in 2014 while traveling in Japan in a CouchSurfers house. Our initial cross of path was just momentarily, we only shared a day in Kyoto, but that was enough to get the wheels of love moving. Five months later we crossed paths again in Europe, and since then, we have never been apart. Nowdays we are celebrating our honeymoon in a one year trip from Patagonia to Alaska in our home with wheels called “La Pepa”, and with the company of our dogther Luna.

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If you want to keep up to date with our stories and whereabouts follow us on instagram at @rocketodiaries


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  1. Nice! The next year I’ll be traveling as well to the South East Asia. I think this will help me a lot. Thanks! Good luck on your #thelastrip

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